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Blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrency are growing rapidly and the way to invest with this technology becomes more easily. The rapid rise in the price of cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of many individuals and investors to this new technology, By the end of 2017, the value of bitcoin has been around 20 times higher, and since its inception, it has grown to over 9,000,000 times!




The most significant debut in the Bitcoin market and cryptocurrency is having enough knowledge and avoiding scams and loss of capital, so our advisors provide expert advice on investment in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, a new step towards increasing confidence and Earn more profit from this industry.

If you are looking for the right investment option, Blockchain International Research Center can help you identify the appropriate investment strategy with the global digital exchange market and engaging with more than a thousand investors.

In a consultation, a certified expert will cover the following and more:


BIRC Public Advice Services:

  • Reasons to enter the cryptocurrency market
  • The most current information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO's and Altcoins
  • Methods for receiving daily profits and using compound profits
  • Investigate the possibility of multiplying the amount of capital in the short term
  • Review and submit tax laws
  • Common terms in the cryptocurrency market


BIRC proprietary consulting services:

If you are personally managing your investment or acting as an institution on the market, our expert team will provide a ground for optimizing your investment decisions by providing tailor made customized advice.


  • Review and introduce the best cryptocurrency for investment
  • Recommend to buy, sell or maintain cryptocurrency
  • Methods of earning money through cryptocurrency
  • Correction of portfolios
  • The most reliable way to buy and sell cryptocurrency
  • Provide the latest news and rumors affecting the market and expert opinions about the transaction process
  • Fundamental and technical analysis of cryptocurrency
  • Providing methods for making and using the most eclectic wallet
  • Scam warnings and what to avoid


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